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*NOTE - You will also need to complete the waranty form at the bottom of the warranty page. Please complete this form in full. You will receive an email copy of the completed form, please print it off and place it inside the box when you send your shotgun in.


The freight package is available for shotguns that are over 30 days since the purchase date but under one year. With this purchase you will be provided a UPS shipping label emailed to you or a physical one mailed, your choice. This can be applied to the outside of the box you are shipping your shotgun in and dropped off at any UPS location. We will also cover the return freight to the address provided.


Emailed - A label will be emaild you immediatly. You will need to print it off and tape it to the outside of your shipping box.


Physical Label Mailed - We will send you a physical label via USPS for you to put on the outside of your shipping box. (shipping 7-10 days)

Freight Package

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